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Leo Goldberg Fellowship

The Leo Goldberg fellowship is a five-year post-doctoral fellowship that is aimed at supporting young astronomers of outstanding promise who have interests in observational astronomy, astronomical instrumentation, or theoretical astrophysics. These fellowships are intended to advance innovative and groundbreaking scientific research and to encourage long-term projects.

In addition to pursuing their independent research programs, Goldberg Fellows are encouraged to participate in NOAO activities (e.g., ongoing NOAO instrumentation, survey programs, or the scientific and/or technical aspects of the ground-based System of facilities).  Previous Goldberg Fellows have participated in planning activities for the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST) and the commissioning of wide-field IR imager NEWFIRM.  Opportunities for current and future Goldberg Fellows include LSST and BigBOSS development and the Dark Energy Camera and Dark Energy Survey at CTIO, projects in which NOAO is playing an important role on behalf of the community.

Goldberg Fellowships have been previously awarded to Lucas Macri (Texas A&M University), Armin Rest (Harvard University and Space Telescope Science Institute), Gregory Rudnick (University of Kansas), Jennifer Lotz (Space Telescope Science Institute), Simon Schuler (University of Tampa, Florida) and Colette Salyk (Vassar College, New York).

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