Wisconsin-Indiana-Yale-NOAO (WIYN) Observatory

WIYN Telescope

The WIYN Observatory is a ground-breaking facility with a 3.5-meter telescope atop Kitt Peak National Observatory in Southern Arizona. It is owned and operated by the WIYN Consortium, which consists of the University of Wisconsin, Indiana University, National Optical Astronomy Observatory (NOAO) and the University of Missouri. This partnership between public and private universities and NOAO was the first of its kind. Over nearly two decades of operation, the universities and the larger astronomical community have benefited from access to this well run observatory and its excellent site. The telescope incorporates many technological breakthroughs including a modern dome and actively controlled mirror. WIYN has earned a reputation in particular for its excellent image quality that is now available over a wider field than ever before through the addition of the One Degree Imager optical camera.

Observatory postal address:

WIYN Observatory
950 N. Cherry Ave.
Tucson, AZ 85719

Telephone: (520) 318-8292

Last updated or reviewed July 21, 2015.