IRAF - Image Reduction and Analysis Facility

NOAO is transitioning IRAF to an end-of-support state, and has taken NOAO’s IRAF distribution offline pending a final copyright and licensing review of the source code. Users interested in new IRAF installations during this review period may wish to consider the IRAF Community Distribution.

Other Community Resources

  • Astropy – Community-based Python astronomy software project
  • AstroConda – STScI astronomy software distribution
  • Gemini Data Reduction Software for observational data obtained with the Gemini telescopes
  • Gemini DRAGONS project (next-generation Gemini data-reduction software, in development)
  • USVOA – US Virtual Observatory Alliance
  • CFITSIO – FITS Library and compression tools
  • WCSTOOLS – Image header utilities
  • DS9 – Image display tool from SAO
  • STSDAS/Tables – IRAF Packages from STScI
  • PyRAF – Python-based alternative to the IRAF CL

Last updated or reviewed August 20, 2019.