Research Opportunities

NOAO Telescope Time Allocation

Proposals for standard observing programs at all NOAO nighttime facilities, including CTIO and KPNO; on partnership telescopes, WIYN, SOAR, and the Gemini Telescopes; and on private telescopes to which NOAO provides some open access, can be submitted twice each year. Survey proposals are accepted annually each September, and investigators must submit a letter of intent to propose by 15 August. Policies, forms, lists of available telescopes and instruments, and information about proposals can be found on the Observing page.

LSST Science Collaborations

The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST) is inviting members from the U.S. astronomy and physics communities to take part in shaping the science for the LSST through membership in LSST Science Collaborations. Applicants may apply to join an existing collaboration, or propose to form a new collaboration.

The Science Collaborations are opening their membership to the US science community to help develop and document the science opportunities provided by the LSST, finalize the design of the system and observing strategy, undertake end-to-end simulations, commission instrument and data management systems, and develop and ultimately perform science analyses. These collaborations are intended to work closely with the LSST construction project, although they are autonomous ventures.

Those who wish to join an existing collaboration, or initiate a new collaboration, are invited to submit a proposal for review by an independent panel of astronomers and physicists coordinated by NOAO. Further details and information on applying for membership are available at:

Applications are solicited annually. The last application deadline was October 15, 2010. The next deadline has not yet been announced.  Questions may be addressed to Tod R. Lauer at

Last updated or reviewed December 19, 2016.