Joint Colloquium Series – Tucson

Joint NOAO-Steward Observatory colloquia are held at 3:30 pm (MST) on Thursdays during the academic year in Steward Observatory Room N210. Coffee will be available at 3:15. Light refreshments are served after the talk.

For appointments with the speakers, please contact Amanda Morris, Michelle Cournoyer or Maria Benfante

For more details, or to be considered for a colloquium, please contact the colloquia co-chairs Prof. Jill Bechtold and Dr. Tom Matheson

Joint Colloquium Series – La Serena

The AURA Observatories in Chile – CTIO, Gemini, and SOAR – sponsor a colloquium series on any aspect of astronomical science. The staff would very much like to hear about your work. Our talks are generally scheduled at 4:00pm on Monday, Wednesday, Friday. However, because of travel and observing constraints, we can schedule your talk at any time Monday to Friday at a time convenient to you. We offer per diem and AURA motel room accommodations for our speakers. If you are willing, we would also like to post a copy of your talk in .PDF format on our web page. This is strictly voluntary, however feel free to say no!.

We invite anyone from the La Serena astronomical community – AURA, University of La Serena, Las Campanas, and ESO Observatories – to attend. We can also schedule IP transmission of any of our talks held in the AURA conference room to external sites around the world. If interested, please contact us at, by e-mail.

Last updated or reviewed December 23, 2016.