Users Committee

The NOAO Users Committee meets annually to advise NOAO management on issues and policies that affect the user community. Members are appointed by the NOAO Director.

AURA Observatory Council

The AURA Observatory Council provides oversight and advocacy for the management of NOAO. Members are elected by the AURA institution member representatives.


The NOAO Time Allocation Committee (TAC) meets semi-annually to advise the NOAO Director on the allocation of telescope time. The TAC comprises seven broad discipline-based panels plus special panels to handle survey or other proposals. TAC members are appointed by the chair of the NOAO TAC process.

EPO Advisory Committee

The Education and Public Outreach Advisory committee meets annually. This committee reviews the EPO program and advises the EPO head of program and NOAO Director's Office on the state and quality of the program. 

NSF Program Review Panel

The program review panel is an NSF oversight committee. The PRP reviews NOAO's annual program and reports directly to the NOAO program officer at the Astronomical Sciences Division (AST) at NSF. 

Groundbased O/IR System Roadmap Committee

The U.S. Ground-based O/IR System Roadmap Committee is a new standing advisory committee charged by NOAO to annually assess the state of the ground-based optical/near-IR system of observing facilities (i.e. all ground-based optical/IR telescopes operated by US institutions, including both federal and non-federal facilities) and make recommendations regarding which capabilities are needed by the community on near and long term timescales.

US Gemini Caucus

The US Gemini Caucus is made up of US representatives on the Gemini Board, Gemini STAC, and the Chair of the NOAO Users Committee, as well as the NSF Program Officers for Gemini and NOAO, along with the NOAO Director and Deputy Director, the NOAO System Science Center Director, and the Program Head of NOAO System User Support. This group meets, as needed via telecon, to discuss and comment on the US perspective on matters that bear on the scientific quality and productivity of the Gemini telescopes.

US TMT Science Working Group

The US TMT SWG was established by NOAO in 2013 to help facilitate engagement of the US astronomical community in the Thirty Meter Telescope Observatory.  The SWG's activities are supported by a cooperative agreement between NSF/AST and the Thirty Meter Telescope Observatory Corporation. 

Last updated or reviewed May 6, 2017.